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17-08-2008, 09:49
Theo như tui bít thì có 1 Ps mới sắp mở cưa tg open là 20/8 Có 2 sver:
Sver1:X 30 Exp,Drop,....
Sver2:X500 Exp,Drop,....
Trong 2 sver này sver 1 ngon nhất Rate mid mà óanh đỡ nản
Basic Starters(Free) - 5M Gold, 500Sp and A Pet Wolf. Every player starts with this.----------->Ngon phết

Member Starters($5) - 20M gold, 1000SP a Pet Wolf and a Rabbit.

Professional Starters($10) - 50M Gold, 2000Sp Wolf, Rabbit and 20silk.

V.I.P Starters($20) - 100M gold, 5000SP Wolf Rabbit and 10 Globals
Giới thiệu chính nè:
[ * ] 90 Cap*In Progress

[ * ] Europe*Finished

[ * ] Roc.Mt*In Progress

[ * ] Npcs Finished

[ * ] 90 Skills In Progress

[ * ] Dw Cave Finished

GM - 20 Spaces Left
Admin - 2 Spaces Left
Scripters - 1 Space Left(Already got 5)
Developers - 0 Spaces Left
Còn đây là web của nó:

17-08-2008, 10:31
Ông ghi rate sai rồi, Sv tổng cộng có 2000 slot thôi, hi vọng ko bị full giống ECSRO

--Instant 90 PVP Fun Server--

-500x Exp-
You also start off with 200k sp.

-17x EXP-
-20x SP-

Drop Rate's are...

13x Normal
10x Sos
7x Som
5x Sun
7x +3,+5,+7,+9,+11

PVP Server - 2000
Fun server - 2000

17-08-2008, 11:13
P Silkroad Online !
sao các bác ko thử sever này nhĩ

17-08-2008, 16:26
vậy chắc chắn là 20/8 mở cửa hả bác,nguồn tin chính xác không,mà sao không thấy chỗ dowload client game của nó nhỉ

Mai Thùy Linh
17-08-2008, 18:20
Hy vọng là không fake ;)) .........

17-08-2008, 19:57
Fake thế nào mà fake (hi vọng là không vậy thôi)
20/8 open reg acc và down
2 sever 2000 slot theo tôi nhớ thì ECSRO chỉ có 1k player thôi thì phải cái này gấp 4 còn gì

17-08-2008, 21:09
Hấp dẫn nhỉ !?

17-08-2008, 22:28
Hoho tin mới cập nhập có lẽ sv này là fake rồi, 4rom nó die rồi :D

17-08-2008, 23:03
Hoho tin mới cập nhập có lẽ sv này là fake rồi, 4rom nó die rồi :D

fake j thế , forum nó die lúc nào :-/

Mai Thùy Linh
17-08-2008, 23:26
4rum nó đã die thật =))

Hàng giả . Còn cái đoạn phim về server lậu của nó là được chế từ SRemu mà thôi =)) . Cái này Hà Mã của chúng ta còn chế được phim hấp dẫn hơn thế :))

18-08-2008, 21:50
forum vào lại được rồi
bị thằng nào nó hack
chẳng biết 20 co mở cửa ko nữa

18-08-2008, 22:26
Có lúc nào ko vào được đâu? Từ hôm qua đến giờ cái forum nó vẫn như thế :)) Kiểu này fake rồi 8-|

19-08-2008, 09:06
::(Đúng là fake rồi tiêu tan hết hi vọng

20-08-2008, 07:47
Well our good friend Insane hasn't been around alot and hasn't kept me and Deepblue7 updated on things. As it is now we have all the files complete database but no server to put it on yet. Deepblue7 and me have been working on another project in the meantime which we are about to release. ( for information on this project please visit www.Deepblue7.com ) When this project is released me and Deepblue7 hope to buy a new server and set it up in a database.

To the people that have purchased premium and are not involved in our other project you can charge back your money.

Untill me and Deepblue7 can afford a new server ISPS is on a hold, or if Insane decides to show a serious form of life and wants to continue with ISPS by setting it up at his Work.

9 july:
Insane Fixed His Pc And we got power @ our new server location
The Only Thing thats missing is the glasswire.
Now were waiting for our internet and then We can transfer the server to the new location.
We will inform when there is any news!

26 june:
The server will be moved to the company Insane works at which is moving to a new location this might take up about two weeks. When it is hooked up it will have glassfibre with real good uptime so we do not expect to have any lagg when we release.

16 june:
I (hvstler) have been working on a toolbar in my spare time to get your ISPS Toolbar download here

14 june Notice:

People do not seem to realize that setting up a server is alot of work. Its not just adding the files and db in a jiffy. I'm not an expert heck i wouldn't even know where to start setting it up myself and I have been watching everything Deepblue7 has been doing and i tell ya it's alot. Besides that we had problems with the provider which should be sorted Saturday, Sunday. Of coarse you think weekend then companies are closed. It was not something we couldn't do without the provider. We have come a little short communication wise which is resolved now aswell.

Please do realize that we (=admins) have normal lives and full time jobs so we cannot be on this 24/7. We are working as hard as we can.

If you don't think it is worth waiting please feel free to move on and not stay at this forum we do not force you, but we do not tolerate any talking about we are fake and any other negative talk about us or the way we work. If you have the urge to do so either pm each other or take it to another forum. The risk you take by doing so in this forum is permanently banned, some have been removed from this community already.

Our 3rd event has started yesterday, to enter this event simply sign up on the forum and click here

What can you win... Private user, life time 500 silk when we release ISPS!

ISPS Staff

June 7th Updated Information.
Posted: Jun 1 2008, 12:03 PM

Yes some script kiddies thought it would be fun to hack a staff account and put up some random stuff and delete topics. Boohoo o ItachiKun aka Adeel and other 0x33 members did you have fun with it.

Server was not compromised just topics were removed thx again for removing all the spam now we just have to add our back ups again and release soon.

Things beeing done:
Posting important topics back
Testing stability of the server

ISPS Staff

June 3rd Updated Information.
Posted: Jun 1 2008, 12:03 PM

[+] Server is in check!
[+] New Domain purchased ( ISPS Private Server )
[+] Complete dns services.
[+] Host second private server for gm's to learn commands.
[+] Upload client files to rapidshare premium.

Server is completed, and is online.
The dns services to enable outside connections will be completed asap.
After the dns has been setup we will go into online inspection for users connectivity.

After that we will upload the client needed to play isps.

There will be 2 servers online on the list, ISPS and GMISPS
Gm isps will be used to recruit new game masters to learn them how the administration commands work.
ISPS will be the public server and hold 4000 Slots, the registrations will close after 4100 registrations.

After 2 weeks we will open the registrations again for new players to join!
Dont complain about server traffic! Or make spam posts about it!

Server inspection will begin.


Forums closed, till inspection complete.
This is to prevent, spam and questions wich are not needed at this moment.

ISPS Staff


1) When is gonna isps gonna be released?
A/: it will be released soon, don't ask dates OR you will get a nice infraction smile.gif

2) What are the rates in isps?

A/: it will be noticed when released

3) Will it have autopotting
A/: yes

4) What is the level gap?
A/: lvl 100

5) Will it have chin tomb?
A/: yes

6) will it have europe?
A/: at the beginning no but it will be implemented later

7) Is the wolf gonna be in stable?
A/: the grey wolf will be in stable and all the other pets will be available in the item mall

8) It will have fortress war?
A/: it will have legend VIII update... it will have jangan fortress and bandit fortress

9) It will have multiclient?
A/: no, 1 account per ip no multiclient

10) How many accounts per IP?
A/: it will be 1 account per ip, if u have a brother/sister and needs a account pm the admins for it

11) Will we have enough time to download the client ?

A/ yes you will, dont ask how long!!

12) who is and who isnt allowed to play the game?

A/ All the members in the forum who registered before the 4100 th person ( including 4100 person ) are aloowed to play the others can join 2 weeks later.

13) Is botting allowed and if so is there a bot?

A/ No, botting isnt allowed and there will be no bot for isps and if some guys make an bot, GM´s are gonna ban botters ( not like in isro , we are better ) and the code will be changes so bots dont work

Vậy là như vầy nè chả hỉu gì hết :Nó hoãn lại ngày open vì 1 lí do gì đó ho hiểu

20-08-2008, 10:51
thoai, lại bị cho ăn thịt thỏ rồi, đọc cả cái bài dài như vậy mà tớ cũng không thấy được lý do nó dời ngày release lại đâu.

Mai Thùy Linh
20-08-2008, 11:01
Thế bao giờ nó mở cửa ? :-/ .............

20-08-2008, 11:32
Nó kêu là cái thằng "good friend" của nó đi làm cái project khỉ gió nào khác rồi, phải chờ đến lúc thằng đó xong project thì mới góp tiền mua 1 cái server =)) Cứ chờ đi nhé :-<

Mai Thùy Linh
20-08-2008, 15:55
Thế thì đúng là fake rồi , khỏi bàn cãi =))

20-08-2008, 17:45
ISPS :)) cái sever có mặt từ gần nửa năm trc vẫn trong đang giai đoạn hoàn thiện =))

24-08-2008, 21:20
mịe chán chết ai có sever nào khác rate khá 1 tí vào nghịch cái nhỉ